Sunday, 21 October 2018

Middlewich Sunday 21 October 2018

Again it was a lovely morning, a bit chilly as we had no heating on overnight but soon warmed up. We headed off down towards Wheelock Locks meeting a boat on the way who said the right hand one was ready, but when we arrived an oncoming boat had just turned it, The pond we were on was rather low considering only 2 boats had been up and the lock above had been on weir all night.
We arrived at the services to fill with water only to find a boat moored there, however he untied and drew back when we arrived. It was a share boat and they only started out yesterday and after a few miles discovered the toilet wouldn't work, so were all relying on the CRT toilet facilities. While we were filling with water a chap removed the macerator toilet and removed the blockage, I think the previous users may be getting a bill.

There were quite a few hire boats about and I managed 2 emergency stops without hitting anything due to boats going straight across the cut in front of me.

Since we came past a few days ago someone has pumped out the old wooden Icebreaker a short way above Booth Lane Top Lock so things are looking more hopeful for her.DSCF0405

We stopped just below Booth Lane bottom lock for a bit of lunch, there was a very convenient CRT working boat to lay against.DSCF0410

While we were eating lunch I heard a rumble going along the road, I shot out with the camera knowing what it would be, across Gailey's rear deck and legged it down the towpath, not a pretty sight to get the best picture I could.DSCF0409

I may have mentioned it before but this is the only place I have seen illuminated speed restriction sighs, as they only apply to the traffic passing them I would have thought their headlights would have been sufficient for drivers to see them, but maybe the council had a few quid laying about.DSCF0407

The weather had been deteriorating for the past hour or more and now we had drizzle, not only that the wind had picked up to over 20 MPH and the drizzle turned to rain.

At Rumps lock the local swans went for a quick fly round, taking off from the canal, doing one big circuit and landing back where they started.DSCF0411

On our way up last week we counted of 20 swans in this stretch of canal and they get regularly fed with corn which is probably a big attraction.

I was rather taken by this fish or no fishing sign at Kings lock.DSCF0413

We carried on down the Middlewich 3 and through bridge 172, it was here that I spotted an apple tree on the offside full of bright red apples, I soon had the bows tucked in and Diana was collecting a bowl full.DSCF0418

As soon as she had finished we slid to the towpath side and moored up for the night. We hadn't been here long when we heard another familiar sound, the beat of a semi diesel engine you can see here being started HERE. It was Narrowboat Swan, so yet again I dashed out with the camera for the final photo of the day.DSCF0421

Today's Journey map 067 miles, 10 locks in 4½ hours

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