Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Middlewich Tuesday 16 October 2018

Well as you see we are chugging again. Not a bad drive to the boat, the M6 was flowing well but the A14 was a bit stop and go in the Cambridge area. We stopped for a bite to eat at the Stafford services on the M6 which was a lot quieter than the others we have visited, having said that the M6 was quiet, we didn't even bother with the toll road.

It was quite over cast when we arrived at the boat, but by the time we set off at quarter to four things had brightened up a lot. We met a few boats on the move and saw one or two moored but Middlewich was surprisingly quiet. We went through Big Lock to moor for the night by the playground.

Today's Journeymap 01 4¾ miles, 1 lock in 2 hours

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