Monday, 1 October 2018

Monday 1 October 2018 Bartington bridge 208

Well we are back on the boat, but only for a couple of night. We spent the weekend at the Iron Bridge Museum with a night in an Airbandb. The result of this is that we arrived at the boat 6pm on Sunday evening.

I am pleased to report that thanks to my 2 small solar panels the batteries were fully charged and also the Dickinson stove was happy to cooperate after its summers rest, this was just as well as overnight the temperature dropped to under 3°C.

This morning we were away a little after 10am. I had a bit of banking to sort out as it was the first of the month.

We headed to Anderton, stopping at the services to fill with water and then mooring just past the entrance to Uplands Marina, this was so we could visit the cafe at the marina for lunch, however they were closed so it was on the Anderton Lift visitors centre where we had some very good pulled pork paninis at a fiver a time, this was better value than the coffee at £2.75 for a not very big cup.

I moored by the footbridge just past the lift so that Diana could go to the Co-op to buy something for dinner tonight, we pushed off as soon as she returned and hit the entrance to Saltersford Tunnel dead on twenty past the hour, any later and we would have had to wait 40 minutes for the next timed passage. Once clear of the tunnel we carried on to wind by bridge 210. This is opposite the Black Prince longterm moorings, but today the boat that moors right opposite was away so we had a bit more space to play with. We then retraced our steps to just through bridge 208 to moor for the night at 1630 hrs.

Tomorrow we will head back to the moorings and then home.

Today's JourneyCapture 9¼ miles 4 hours.

Foot Note.
Its the first of the month so please check your smoke and CO detectors.

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