Tuesday 16 April 2024

Bosley Locks top

We woke to a lovely sunny morning which was nice after the wind, rain and banging about last night, I crawled out sometime after midnight to tie the rudder down tighter to stop it creaking and squeaking, at about 4am the temperature was down to 2.3° C but was up to 8° when we got up.
We were ready to set off at 10 but Diana wanted to go and look at the old railway viaduct and visit the Co-op so it was almost 11 before we finally slipped away.
We passed some bungalows on the non towpath side supporting slow down signs, only one of them had a boat moored at the bottom of their garden, but I do wonder where this sign was lifted from, it looks genuine CRT but its used where a river reverts to a canal.DSCF9260

We needed to fill with water but there was already a boat on the water point moorings in Macclesfield, I hovered to wait but he called me in behind him. Much to my surprise I was able to slide back in, in between the bank and the last or the long term private moorings. I didn’t think there was room, we had quite a wait while he filled his tank and another 25 minutes while ours filled. So we were there about ¾ hour. 
As we set off it started to rain. Just through the bridge from the water point is this house, I a not sure if its an angular extension on the end or part of the original build to use all the odd shaped plot. You can see the rain on the canal.  DSCF9262

From now on it was not only showery, some heavy but we also had thunder and lightening.
These days you see lots of boats with electrical solar panels on the roof, we have a couple of small ones, but this boat had a solar water heating panel, not sure why he had it covered up.DSCF9267

The last  half hour was not only quite wet but also it turned quite cold as well. Our plane was to moor just before the long  term moorings above Bosley locks, which we did in the pouring rain. If we had started at 10 we would have missed the last soaking.

  Todays Journey image

8¼ miles, no locks in 3½ hours

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