Monday 22 April 2024


Last time we were in Stone we walked passed Piccolo’s Pizza and the aroma coming out made I decide on the spot, that next time in Stone we would try one. So last nights dinner was a 12 inch Fire Ball Pizza and it certainly lived up to its name and description. A real tingly lip job, not sure what the Italians would think of it.
During the night it started to rain and was still at it when we got up. We were in no hurry so sat around until lunch time.
While we were hanging around a team came buy electric fishing, I didn’t see them actually get DSCF9311anything, the chap following in what looked like a waste skip with an outboard had a net to lift stunned fish with, if they stunned any.DSCF9312

the weather app said it would stop in 40 minutes and again it was spot on, so we made ready to set off. I just started the engine, we untied and Diana walked to set Star Lock when she indicated there was a boat coming up. Now what the weather app didn’t say was the rain would only stop for 10 minutes and its rained ever since. So by the time the share boat was clear of the locks it was chucking it down.
Below the locks at the far end of the moorings CRT or their contractors are doing a short length of piling. It should provide another couple of moorings.DSCF9314

We stopped at Aston Marina to top up with diesel still at £1-05 lt. before carrying on south. We didn’t meet another boat until we reached Sandon Lock, here just as the lock was full a boater appeared from below. We hadn’t turned the lock on him, it was ¾ full when we arrived. Once below the lock we soon met another three boats heading north in the rain. We decided to call it a day  short way before Weston.

Today’s Journey image

6 miles, 3 locks in 3 hours

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