Thursday 11 April 2024

Grimshaws Bridge

Last night we ate at Ye Olde Kings Head which is just at the bottom of the aqueduct down a set of steps’'. I must say I can’t remember last time we hat such a tasty pub meal.
It was decidedly warm today hitting 20°C with a bright sun up in the sky, we left at our normal 10am. We hadn’t gone very far when we passed this tree that someone has given a very good swipeDSCF9200

Coming into Macclesfield there as some old hoarding along the back edge of the towpath, someone, no idea if its graffiti or commissioned has brightened it up a bit.DSCF9201

We pulled in at the waterpoint on the off side at the bottom of the CRT yard to fill with water. This would be a great spot for an industrial wheelie bin, on the off side to prevent fly tipping, accessible only to boaters and removable via the CRT yard. The old mill reflected lovely in the canal and its a cloud by the top of the chimney, not smoke.DSCF9203

We continued north on the warmest day this year towards Bollington, I thought I had best take a poor photo of one of the famous turnover or snake bridges.DSCF9204

Most of the visitor moorings in Bollington were full but we wanted to go a bit further before stopping for the night. Lots of canals had iron work to protect the bridge edges for the tow lines, but this doesn't seem to be the case on this canal as can be seen by the groves in the stone, I wonder the effect on the poor old boaters lines.DSCF9209

We carried on to the visitor moorings just before Lyme View marina as there are some handy mooring rings here.

Today’s Journeyimage

7 miles, no locks in 3¼ hours

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