Wednesday 24 April 2024

Fradley Junction

I said when we moored yesterday there were only two of us there, when we left this morning it was full all the way to the railway bridge with boats that arrived later. It was 10-40 before we were away following a beer box restocking. The traffic today has been quite strange, we didn’t meet a boat until south of Handsacre, then from Kings Bromley they just kept coming. Probably 5 between there and Woodend Lock and another 4 on the way to Shadehouse.
We did have a boat overtake us as we passed all the long term moorings at Spode, said his boat wouldn’t go any slower.
As you leave Rugeley there is a large winding hole and the land beside it has a for sale notice on it, but I can’t find it listed online at all.DSCF9328

Getting towards Ash Tree obviously one of the property owners is a keen home brewer with a row of hops growing at the bottom of the garden.DSCF9329

The open fields after this are a mass of yellow, as my nose doesn’t work too well I couldn’t tell you if it smells or not, but there is lots of it.DSCF9331

There is lots of work taking place at Bromley wharf, I understand that it for JF boat building to expand.DSCF9333

I don’t know who owns the property between here and JF’s present operation but they have a wonderful colourful garden.DSCF9334From here things slowed down as I caught up with a boat from somewhere, not sure where he came from, maybe the boatyard, so I dropped to tick over and we had lunch, we still arrived at Woodend lock in time to lock him down. The next two lock had Volockies which helped a bit because some of the boaters didn’t seem that well versed on what to do. We turned right opposite The Swan onto the Coventry Canal and have moored for the night on the visitor moorings, again we are Billy No Mates and the only one here, there are some boats on the unrestricted bit round the corner.

Today’s Journey image

7¾ Miles, 3 locks in 3½ hours

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