Friday 19 April 2024


Well its was another rough night with the wind and rain but it had cleared up when we got up this morning, so we set off at 10 in the sunshine for an uneventful trip to Kidsgrove to moor on the aqueduct for the night.
On the way we passed what must be the lightest swing bridge on the system, it pivots on 4 castors.DSCF9285

Passing under one of the bridges the mason marks stand out for all to see. Some of the bridges the stones are laid diagonally so the stone masons have to cut the curve in two planes. These ones are just straight.DSCF9286

Someone has been nailing little things on the posts along here, they are only tiny so I wonder where they come from. I think it may be an upside down manDSCF9288

Down at Hall Green Lock where the Macclesfield becomes the Trent and Mersey canal its interesting to note the differences between T&M buildings in brick and Macclesfield buildings in stone with the two lock cottages, its the same for the bridges.DSCF9287

Back on the T&M we passed this old hire boat, I wonder how long ago it last carried holiday makers DSCF9289



It wasn’t long after this that we reached the Aqueduct and we are moored on the embankment between the A50 and the T&M main line aqueducts.

Today’s Journeyimage

5 miles, 1 lock in 2½ hours


Mike Todd said...

Trust you were not bothered by what appears to be behind the hedge on the western, towpath, side.

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Didn't smell a thing