Monday 8 April 2024


It was quite breezy yesterday afternoon and evening but it had died right away before we went to bed and there was a bright red sky at sunset. This morning all was still calm as can be seen by this shot from the back doors at 10 am.DSCF9190

We were away at our normal time with only one boat passing us before we set off, a Ginger hire boat. We met several private boats and one hire  boat, non close enough to call it busy. Ramsdell Hall still looks rather splendid, I bet they have great views and it only cost them £1,750,000.DSCF9192

One thing I noticed about this canal is that the bridge numbers are not mounted centrally over the arch as they are on other canals.DSCF9193

In parts this canal is amazingly straight and you can look through a long line of bridge holes, this is looking through road, rail and factory access bridges.DSCF9194

We decided to moor for the night before we reached the Bosley Lock visitor moorings, but we are a bit close to the train line.

Today’s Journeyimage

7¼ miles with no locks in 2¾ hours


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