Saturday 6 April 2024

Stoke on Trent - Festival Park

My word it was warm last night, it was 15°C outside when we got up and it just kept getting warmer. This garden in Milton caught my eye with the owl carved from a tree stump and all the cuddly toys jotted about.DSCF9183

Passing these old buildings on the offside I do wonder how much longer the upper story will last before falling into the canal.DSCF9184

The two old bottle kilns could really do with the growth removing from the brickwork before it starts doing real damage.and cost a lot more to put right. No one seems to remember a stitch in time saves nine, these days, they just hope it hits someone else's budget.DSCF9186

This is probably the best show of Primroses I have seen this year so far.DSCF9187

We stopped just before bridge 9 to visit Lidl but then realised we had stopped two bridges to early. Diana continued to walk to Lidl whilst I moved the boat down. Bridge 9 is a low one, I took down the flagstaff, exhaust and chimney but not the anemometer, which didn’t fit under the bridge and is now in the bottom of the cut.
Following a grumpy wander round Lidl it was time for lunch before setting off. By now a few boats had passed, it was the Litchfield Cruising club flotilla heading home. We caught up with one of them at Planet Lock and helped them down and again at Bedford Road Staircase. As they worked down a 70ft Black Prince hire boat arrived at the bottom, so we helped them up before setting up to go down ourselves. Unfortunately someone looked out of the bow doors of the hire boat as they entered the lock and didn’t close them, so they got a jet of water straight into the lounge. By the time I entered the top chamber another hire boat was coming into the bottom and had to back out again. We had quite a wait for water at the Etruria services as there was a boat ahead of the one we were following waiting to use them. Once we had finally filled with water  it was only a short run to the toby carvery where we are eating tonight.

Today’s Journeyimage

6 miles, 3 locks in 4 hours

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