Sunday 21 April 2024


Well I must mark up the calendar, 24 hours with no rain. today we were away again just after ten in nice sunshine with lots of dog walkers and children around, we had a very clear run and didn’t come up behind anyone all the way to Stone. We passed this pair of Mandarin ducks, the poor old female looks really drab compared to him.DSCF9304

We met a hire boat just before Trentham Lock but another had come in from below before we arrived at the lock. The little girl having great fun trying to wind up the top paddles so it was a slow passage, but the sun was shining and they were having a good holiday.
On Friday evening we went to the T&M meeting where the mile post project was discussed, they didn’t mention this variation.DSCF9305

The Meaford locks were mixed with us turning the second, waiting for a boat to come up at the third and swapping for the final on. I fund the viewDSCF9307looking into the top lock fascinating, through the bridge, mind you, its not the only one like it on this canal. Also some of the tail bridges with the iron hooped supports to give a cantilevered, split bridge.DSCF9308

There was a group of Volockies at Yard Lock so that had the top gate open when we arrived, there was also what looked like a chugger. I hope she was doing a bit of business with all the people standing on the bridge watching the boats come through. We managed to slot in just before Star Lock on the off side using one ring and the fence post.

Today’s Journeyimage

5½ miles, 9 locks in 3 hours

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