Friday 12 April 2024

Bugsworth Basin

Our normal 10 am start, a very quiet day on the canals, we only met 4 boats including a day boat.
Just past Lyme View marina I spotter this in a field on the off side, anyone have any ideas?DSCF9211

A little further on as we popped out under the bridge just before Bailey’s Trading Post this chap lurking on the off side gave both of us a start.DSCF9213

From here on the going is a lot slower with no end of moored boats. I think this collections of curios has grown since we passed last. If I could have got the camera turned on faster it would have been a better photograph.DSCF9216

I don’t think you can go past Goyt Mill without photographing it, there are several small companies  advertising their presence in the mill but I do wonder how underutilised it is.DSCF9217

There are still no services available at Marple, the houses look almost complete but there doesn't look much room to get into the services. Just before the junction I spotted these gates, probably the best condition on the system.DSCF9218

The junction was interesting with a plastic cruiser moored not quite opposite adding to the excitement.

We were now on the Peak Forest canal which has 5 movable bridges. The first an electrically operated lift bridge from the towpath side, the second is manual pushed swing bridge. We wondered what the third would be when we saw this sign. It was inDSCF9222 fact another manual swing bridge, not like the picture gram.
Just beyond the bridge is a chap who does so rather large art. as w passed he pointed out some of his other efforts which I will try to photograph on the return journey.DSCF9223

Looking back as we passed the lovely sweet smelling factory this development on the offside is nearing completion. Lots of work going on at well over 6 foot from the ground with no scaffold handrailsDSCF9226

We stopped at Furness Vale to fill up with diesel, its the cheapest I have seen since Hawne Basin and then carried on to the end of navigation where we winded and came back so that Diana could visit Tesco.Due to all the long term moorings the only place to pull in and wait for her is under the access bridge. Once she returned we set off to Bugsworth basin to moor for the night. On the approach to the DSCF9231basin you pass a house that has a large blue plaque on the wall commemorating the engineers responsible.  DSCF9230Unlike a lot of people, this basin is not my favourite mooring by a long way, its very close to a very busy and noisy road, whereas I like peace and quiet, so we headed to the very far end of the first arm to try and get the maximum shielding from the stone work.

Today’s Journeyimage12½ miles, no locks in 6 hours

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