Friday 26 April 2024

Home Mooring

Yet another day without rain but a chilly start and now this afternoon, the sun is out and it feels warm. We pushed off at about 10am only a maintenance boat had been passed and headed to the junction where we turned right to fill with diesel and empty the toilet tank. Then back to the junction, past the bug hotel and right again towards Glascote locks.DSCF9350 We didn’t meet a boat until we had crossed the aqueduct and up until then the water was so clear you could see the bottom, just like winter time.
At Tamworth Cruising Club I spotted this trailer that looks as if it was made from a Bond Bug, there is sometimes a Bond Bug parked there.DSCF9351

Having met just one boat and them commenting they hadn’t seen any other boats Glascote locks were with us. As we came up the first lock a Lady asked if it was OK to take a photo, I have no problem with that, people often don’t ask. I was expecting her just to get the phone out and take a shot, but no, out came the fold up tripod, a camera I have never seen the likes of was put on the top, then the phone had to be connected by Wifi. It turned out its a 360° camera. I had never seen one before. She accompanied us up to the top lock and took some more where she gave us details of her web site Sheridan Parsons but no sign of the photos. Later on Sunday Sheridan sent me details on how to see her photos at Kuula

The spoon dredger that was moored at Rose Narrowboats on the Oxford Canal is now moored outside the basin at Glascote, maybe they are going to repair the tin worm damage.DSCF9352

I thought I saw a ginger cat sitting in a canal side garden, but I was wrong, it was this little chap. Laid there bold as brass.DSCF9355

Turning into the marina, again there is a swans nest right at the entrance, but already she has flipped several eggs out, I don’t think she hatched any last year at all.DSCF9357

Well that’s it for a bit, I hope you enjoyed my rambling on, it will be a bit of time before we are back on the boat so watch this space.

Today’s Journeyimage

4¾ miles, 2 locks in 3 Hours

The whole journey 197 miles and 108 locks in 30 days

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