Tuesday 2 April 2024


Back to our normal start time today around 10 am to a nice sunny morning as can be seen from the reflection of this bridge. But looking under theDSCF9130 bridge it was no so good. CRT have fixed sheets of Ply or something to the brickwork to try to protect it from the front corners of cabins, but its just ripping the sheets to bit. Why they don’t install fendering at the water level I don’t know.DSCF9131

As we approached Engine Lock we caught up the the Withymoor Island spring cruise so were at the back of a queue of 3. This is quite a deep lock and the bottom paddles are greatly geared, so lots of winding. Since we were last this way Norton Green Lift Bridge has been converted to electrical power with the controls on the tow path side, this makes things a lot easier for single handers.DSCF9133

At Stockton Brook Locks there  was just one boat coming down the flight so they had an easy run, we worked them through one of the locks while we waited. We were still tail end of the convoy. The old Waterworks beside the lock is still looking unloved with lots of broken windows, but still looks structurally sound and secure.DSCF9136

One thing I like about these locks is all the mason marks on the stone blocks.DSCF9140

After the locks we didn’t see the Withymoor until we reached Endon Services where they sorting things out. This looked rather an interesting toy sitting in the open shed, but I suspect its just to look at.DSCF9142The bridge just before the Stoke on Trent boat club and after the old swing bridge , this bridge has lost all its parapet wall, how it happened I don’t know as it doesn’t carry any wheeled traffic.DSCF9143

I think this must be the smallest narrowboat I have ever seen, its actually a trailer, but towing that I would have a smile ear to ear.DSCF9146

When we reached Hazlehurst Junction we met the second boat of the day coming out of the top lock which was handy as we were going down, what wasn’t so good was that the navigation is silted up down at River Churnet, so we will probably wind before there. We locked down the three Hazlehurst Locks and under the new multi thousand pound bridge just below the last lock, that was being worked on last time we were this way.DSCF9147

We carried on passed the Holly Bush pub, we didn’t stop as we are eating onboard and it will leave room for people wanting the pub. We went about another quarter of a mile round the corner and moored for the night.

Todays Journey image7¼ miles, 9 locks in 5¼ hours

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