Thursday 25 April 2024

Fazeley Junction

Bit late setting off this morning as the stove required a decoke, it doesn’t take long but its a mucky job and it takes ages to get the black off my hands and around the nails.
First one for all the wild flower experts, can you identify these please.DSCF9337

It was heading to quarter to eleven before we set off, just as the boat ahead decided to go, so I took it very slowly to let him get well ahead. We hadn’t been travelling long when we passed this well loaded cruiser, I would think it may be a bit top heavy. DSCF9336

More work has taken place at the new moorings at Brookhay on the off side in the woods, I wonder if getting CRT permission was much of a problem or maybe they are just glad of the money.DSCF9340

The Litchfield Cruising Club have a couple of large banners supporting the call for more funding for the canals.DSCF9344

I don’t know if this swan is expecting a flood or just wanted high rise living? we haven’t seen any DSCF9346cygnets yet this year but lots of baby mallards and our first clutch on baby moorhens on someone’s back lawn.
Rather sad coming into Tamworth is this burnt out cruiser, all the superstructure gone and the hull sunk, its only just visible above the water level so IDSCF9348expect someone will run into it soon. On our last trip this way I posted about a sunk Narrowboat, that has now been refloated and looks quite stable. We moored for the night just short of the junction. tomorrow is top up the fuel and pump out the loo.
We have now travelled for three days without rain, can we stay dry tomorrow?

Today’s Journey image

10¾ miles, no locks in 3¾


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

Perhaps try using disposable gloves next time you attack the fire to keep your hands clean.

nb Bonjour said...

My first thought about your flowers was butterbur, I'm not sure but the flowers do appear before the leaves. If the leaves turn out to be large and heart-shaped that is probably it