Wednesday 10 April 2024

Gurnett Aqueduct

We were just getting ready to set off this morning when this stoppage notice came up, its about a mile and a half ahead of us, so no point in moving for a bit.canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/27850/navigation-closure-bridge-49-.  About half one an ex working boat and butty came by, a quick word informed us that the bridge was now working again, so we got ready to set off. This also coincided with the rain stopping which was good.
When we arrived at the bridge it was fully operational but the CRT engineers were still on site with the cabinets open, I guess we were probably testing it for them. Then on to the next swing bridge, this one is 100% manual. It one of the few bridges on the system with a mooring bollard on the off side which is a great help to single handers.DSCF9198

Just over from the tow path near this bridge someone has installed a few wooden picnic tables in the woods.DSCF9199

We carried on a bit past some new offside developments to moor for the night at Gurnett Aqueduct, unfortunately the rings are not very well spaced for us and we have both mooring lines angled inwards.

Today’s Journeyimage

3¾ miles, no locks in 1½ hours

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