Wednesday 17 September 2014

Polesworth Wednesday 17 September 2014

Back to our normal 10 am. start, several of the boats moored here overnight had already left. We chugged down to Fazeley Junction and made a detour down the Birmingham and Fazeley canal to Fazeley Mill Marina to top up with diesel at 79p the best price we have found since Taft Wharf on the Trent and Mersey canal. DSCF6947On the way back we noticed a banner at Tolson Mill saying  they were doing coffee at the wool centre, so we pulled over and went in. Inside we found a new cafe that does coffee and cakes, served with ice cream.They have only been open a short time but its nice to see the old building being used. While in there we looked around the wool shop with every colour of wool you could imagine and buttons sold on a pick and mix basis by weight, just like sweets.DSCF6943 Moored  opposite was the Fibre boat, this is not painted by the way but vinyl wrapped like they do commercial vehicles .

In the roof of the bridge that leads back to the Fazeley Junction there are two eyes in the roof, these were to enable them to liftDSCF6949 the stop gate for maintenance that would have been at the junction and right under the bridge. The building at the junction isDSCF6952 continuing again, this has been very much a stop start project.

We turned hard right here onto the Coventry canal towards Tamworth locks, on the way we passed The Little Chimney Co. A onboard stainless Steel chimney manufacturer. He had a selection of his goods for sale on his roof.DSCF6953



  The two Tamworth locks are quite slow and someone has posted a little ditty on the bottom lock.DSCF6958 Just along the cut from here was a boat who’s paint work caught my eye, I hope you like it too.DSCF6957Just above the locks we pulled over for a session down the weed hatch where I retrieved some polly, string and a hard piece of plastic that was knocking as it rotated at slow speeds. Once this was sorted it was off down to Pooley visitor Centre where we got invited onto a boat that the fitter was doing for himself and his wife as a new home. He had incorporated lots of good points with the neatest insulated chimney I have ever seen and an electric oven that will run on a 13 Amp supply. After bidding him farewell we moved on to Polesworth to moor for the night, all the visitor moorings to the north of the town were full so we continued on through the next two bridges to moor on rings by bridge 52.

day 12Today’s journey 10 miles, 2 lock two canals and one junction twice.

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