Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Chester Wednesday 24 May 2017

Well this was the view when we turned in last night.DSCF7950

This morning we woke to a dullish day without a hint of wind but by the time we set off after lunch it was hot sunshine and this was the view this morning.DSCF7952

We spent the morning wandering around the various displays in the museum and I was interested to read the origins of Ellesmere Port, being built by the folk of Ellesmere up the Llangollen canal it seems.DSCF7960

I am sure last time we were here you could see most of the boat that is attached to this funnel.DSCF7967

We set off after lunch and became the main exhibit for a school party who had just arrived by coach. can you imagine trying to stop a dozen kids falling in.DSCF7970

We had a good trip up the two locks as the bottom one was still empty as a boat had arrived earlier. By filling the bottom lock at the same time as draining the top one you prevent the pound overflowing. They keep the top lock full just in case someone falls in.

By now the weather was scorching as we made our way back towards Chester. One of the modern mileposts has been made into a shrine for Ellia. I take it this is Ellia Arathoon who was murdered last year.DSCF7944

Its good to see even if the yard is not fully utilised that Taylor’s dry dock is still in high demand.DSCF7977

We didn't meet any boats all day but we did have one catch us up about 2 miles before Chester and shared the locks with us. He was single handing and had a damaged shoulder due to falling into his engine hole following a fire, his leg didn't look too impressive ether. Anyway we locked him up with us and then had to find somewhere to moor, the moorings by the gardens were full but there were only two boat above Cow lane Bridge, so thats us for the night.


Today’s Journey

map 05

9 miles, 5 locks in 4½ hours.

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Unknown said...

I didn't even realise that *was* a funnel when we visited two years ago until we went crunch! A bit slack not to mark it with buoys or at least a sign.