Saturday, 20 May 2017

Church Minshull Sat 20 May 2017

We arrived at the boat yesterday evening a little after 6pm so by the time we had everything sorted it was 7pm and not really worth making a start so we just had a Chinese Take a way on the boat. We were surprised after or wet drive to find everything on the roof of the boat bone dry when we got here and a lovely sunny evening.

This morning we woke to bright sunshine and cold water, well that's what you get if you don't run the engine or the heating for a bit, so no morning showers.

Quarter to ten saw us leave the marina heading south, the sun didn't last long and soon turned to steady rain. At the first flash we came to there was a notice on the towpath indicating that CRT wants to dispose of the flash, I expect its to the farm opposite, as they have plans to build a marina there. I wonder if CRT will get any objections.DSCF7836

We were to see lots of Swans with Cygnets on our travels today, most had 5 youngsters but one pair had 7.DSCF7842

When we went home last we left the water tank low so we stopped below Big Lock in Middlewich to fill up, just as we had finished a hire boat came down Big Lock setting it for us, they didn't go far, mooring up on the bollards just below the lock. We were to meet several moor boats before we reached the Middlewich flight so all locks were with us, even Wardle Lock was empty which we didn't expect. We stopped for lunch just above Wardle lock and while we were eating the rain stopped, only to start again when we set off, but no where near as hard. and soon stopped all together. There is a Farm shop just before Church Minshull so we decided to stop for a look, we bought a couple of ice creams and a jar of Limecurd, but the rest of the stock was just fancy goods like helium balloons, and little signs, we were hoping for some farm produce, but its not that kind of shop. They do however have quite a splendid tree in their paddock.DSCF7859

The plants are really starting to take off now in the fields and we have seen several fields of Maze and also Potatoes. The fields of grass they were cutting last time we were out are well on the way to giving another crop. DSCF7853

As we approached Nannies Bridge there was a strange noise in the sky, looking up it was an Autogyro or Gyrocopter, these were made famous by Little Nellie in the James Bond film, You only Live Twice.DSCF7861

We decided to go up through Minshull Lock and then moor on the pilings in a nice sunny spot about 500 yard above the lock.

Today’s Journey  

map 017 locks, 12¾ miles, 3 canal in 6½ Hours

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