Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Middlewich Big Lock Tuesday 2 May 2017

We had a good run to the boat with quite light traffic through the road works both on the A14 and M6.

We arrived at the boat about 1-30pm and mover her to the car to unpack. By the time we had finished and had a bit of lunch it was around 2-45pm.

We met a few boats on the way and spotted these birds in a field on the off side, I am not sure what they are but suspect they are Rea.DSCF7658

We met a few boats on the way all in good places for a change. As we approached Middlewich Big Lock it was just being filled for two boats coming down, by now it was heading towards 5 pm so once we had locked up we decided to moor by the kiddies playground for the night as if we had continued on it would have been another 8 locks and approaching 8 pm before we would have stopped.

Today’s Journey  map 1

4.8 miles, 1 lock in 2 ¼hours

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