Sunday, 2 May 2021

Brookhay Pumping House

 Firstly apologies for the link to CanalplanAC that I posted yesterday to show our route, Tom has pointed out to me that this doesn't work, I suspect that you have to be logged in to CanalplanAC for it to function. If you go to the route planning and load a route, this key 14752_cp  should open my route for you.

We had a great takeaway from Peninsular Cantonese, we have used them before and the flavours and portion sizes are both very good. The Tuns was busy until closing time last night with people sitting out drinking, lets hope its enough to keep them going.
We set off this morning at about twenty past ten and its been quite a busy day boat wise, definitely the most we have seen on the move. One boat of note is this one with tyre art all over it, there is a new piece sitting on the bows from last time we saw it.

Coming through Hopwas The Red Lion was very busy but The Tame Otter looked closed. there was some very interesting boat handling taking place near the Lichfield Cruising Club and lots of moored boats all the way from there well passed The Plough at Huddlesford. Our planned destination was the waterworks at Brookhay, there is a length of piling just long enough for one boat, nice and deep. There use to be a sign saying reserved for BWB work boats but that seems to have disappeared although the nice shiny black post is still there.

Todays Journey 10 miles in 3¾ hours with no locks.

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