Saturday, 22 May 2021

Home moorings

 It was actually fine when we got up this morning and we were on our way at 9-30. we didn't see any boats on the move in our ¾ hour journey back to our moorings. it did spit with rain towards the end of the trip but there was next to no wind as I reversed back down to our mooring. We had a good trip home arriving at 2pm again with no rain, even though it was black at times. We came via Bury St Edmonds as the A11 is closed for the weekend at Thetford.

Todays Journey 1¾ miles, no locks in ¾ of a hour

This trip has been just over 3 weeks and we have not been moving very quickly as you probably noticed, we went the long way round to get to Walsall basin as shown on the map below , we did some 126 locks in about 77 hours covering almost 140 miles The route can be seen in CanalPlanAC at

If you would like to know more about the BCN then I would recommend Andy Tide's Youtube channel at where he has documented lots of the missing bits as well.


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