Sunday, 9 May 2021


 It finally stopped raining sometime in the early hours of this morning and we woke to bright, warm sunshine, much different to yesterday. We met a couple of boats coming uphill, where as yesterday they all seemed to be going down. Its nice to see the Bluebells out, The Caldon is the best place I know to see these. 
The entrance to the old boat house that BW sealed up a few years ago at Devils Den is now almost totally overgrown. When it was sealed up there was some doubt if BW had the authority to do it, but it has remained that way for quite some time now.
Just before Stourton Junction we passed through a fishing match, they were a cheerful bunch considering they weren't catching anything, all speaking and passing the time of day. At Stourton junction it was hard left and into the 4 Stourton locks, last time we were this way we were stuck here for a couple of hours. 3 or the 4 locks were empty and the only boats we saw moving on this section were two canoes, one with a dog as a passenger who wasn't quite sure if he enjoyed boating or not.
At Wordsley Junction it was hard right up the Stourbridge Arm, here we met another boat, once on the arm the only place to wind id at the very end by the Bonded Warehouse. needless to say as we winded the wind did its bit holding my nose in the winding hole and

Google Maps view of Stourbridge winding hole

 just letting the stern come round against a moored boat receiving a coat of polish. Diana assisted by one of the moorers soon had our snout out and we were on our way to moor  in a gap with rings we spotted on the way up. For the small amount of traffic I have ever seen on the Stourbridge canal I am always surprised by the number of boats on the visitor moorings down this arm. There are at least 9 of us at the moment.
Once moored a quick check of the weed hatch removed a small piece of canvas from the rudder stock and some fibrous stuff from the prop.

6½ Miles, 6 locks in 3½ hours

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