Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Perry Barr Top Lock

 A very quiet night last night and during the afternoon two of the boats who had been on the cruise to Walsall with us moored behind us. For some reason we were about early today and the boats behind us set off down the flight at 8-30am. we moved forward and filled with water and then set off down the flight at 9.15am. The canal was still covered in green algae.
As we worked down lock 5 we could see the bottom gates open on both 6 and 7. Diana walked down to 7 and the boat ahead of us was just leaving, with a motorised copy of a butty coming up, so we waited above 6 for them. I think there is a good chance that lock 8 may be designated a SSSI in the not to distant future. 
It was then down to Rushall Junction and sharp left  onto the almost straight Tame Valley canal. As we approached the top of the locks we could see the boats ahead moored at the services at which point it started to rain. The two boats pulled away as we arrived to head off down the flight, luckily the second one spotted a foam mattress just floating below the surface in the mouth of the lock. With the aid of a couple of C&RT chaps who happened to be there it was dragged onto the lock side and the boat continued on its way. We have moored on the official 24 hour visitor moorings at the top of the lock, but they are positioned such that anything longer than 60 foot wont be able to enter of leave the top lock without us moving.

Todays Journey 5 miles, 9 locks in 3¼ hours`

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