Monday, 4 December 2017

Bramble Cuttings Monday 4 December 2017

It was a little brighter this morning when we set off just before 10 am but it wasn't long before the mac was on, only light drizzle and not much of it. We only met one boat all day and that was in the only narrow bit on a bend, blind where bridge 158 use to stand. what's more he is also a member of the Trent and Mersey canal Society and we had dinner with him on Friday night.

CRT were working at Rumps Lock installing a new Farm type wooden gate to stop vehicles driving up beside the lock, I am not sure if it will impede boaters walking up to operate the lock or not. There was a volunteer there who opened the bottom gates for us so we didn't have to walk down through their works site.

The Swans at Middlewich have some reason moved further out of town for some reason, so they are now using the bank between the canal and the main road, when they were closer to town there was a fence between them and the road, lets hope they have the sense not to go wandering in that direction.DSCF9855

When we came up last week there was a sunken boat opposite the winding hole, I see that has now been removed.

Middlewich Narrowboats was all closed up when we came passed and all the hire fleet has gone, as have most of the offside long term moorers. Passing the dry dock below the lock it has now been sealed off with fencing to stop unauthorised access. DSCF9858

We caught up with a boat going down the flight and they had just gone into Big Lock when we arrived so I was able to slide in beside them, below the lock we stopped for water before continuing on to moor for the night at Bramble cuttings.

Ether the canal is very high through here at the moment of this section of towpath near Croxton Flash has subsided even further.DSCF9859

Last time I posted that we moored here someone enquired about the mooring rings here and if that were part of a project to supply mooring rings all round the Cheshire Ring. I don't thinks so as the rings were installed by the Broken Cross Boat Club, this one in 1998 by the look of the inscription.DSCF9860

Today's Journeymap 10 7 miles 9 locks in 3¾ hours

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