Tuesday, 26 December 2017

New Marton Locks Tuesday 26 December 2017

By this morning the weather was much better, the sun was soon with us and stayed out all day but it was several degrees cooler than yesterday, but dry.

We set off a little after 10 am, just as I was letting go a canoe came down the canal so I let him by before pushing off. We had a clean run down the 500mt. narrow section, meeting the canonist coming back as we approached the end, so I pulled hard against the towpath and he slid by.

The towpath between Llangollen and Trevor is in very good condition being hard surface and smooth all the way, this is probably due to money from Sustrans, the cycling organisation.DSCF0046

As we approached Trevor we spotted this mill on the banks of the Dee at Plas-yn-Pentre, you would never see it in the summer time due to the leaves on the trees. This is by far the best time of the year to see the countryside along this canal.DSCF0050

When we entered Trevor Basin we turned left away from the aqueduct for the first time, we have never been down to the end of the basin before. First it was down between the rows of moored boats.DSCF0052

At the very far end Jones The Boats have taken over the westDSCF0053 branch with their 2 trip boats, but the east branch is open to visitor mooring. There is loads of room to wind (turn round) at the junction of the 2 branches.DSCF0054

I had quite a bit of trouble getting under Scotch Hall Bridge, it was like having the prop in porridge. Scotch Hall Bridge is quite ornate with a gate from the road which in now in mid air, Its a good job they put railings on it, talking of air, the arch of the bridge is also quite low. DSCF0056

We were soon on our way across the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct with no wait for boats coming the other way. This was the view as we crossed, unlike two days ago when it was too windy to hold the camera.DSCF0060

We stopped at the water point on top up our water tank before tackling the lift bridge, Diana raised it while I brought Harnser through and then lowered it again, we had just set off and another boat turned up behind us, if we had seen him coming we would have left the bridge open for him.

As we passed the Chirk moorings by the old post Office the people living on the off side have a fine collection or painted chimney pots.DSCF0065

We pushed on to the 48 hr visitor moorings just above the New Marton Locks for the night.

Today's Journey map 10 10¾ in 4¼ hrs with no locks.


Geoff Smith said...

Jealous of your getting into the Trevor basins. We only got as far as the basin junction and had to execute a dead slow wind there as the bottom was far too near the top! :-)

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser http://nbharnser.blogspot.com said...

It was the bridge that stopped us, coming back I pushed us through with the bridge beams