Monday, 25 December 2017

Llandyn Monday 25 December 2017

First things first, Merry Christmas. DSCF9964My son was the first to wish us Merry Christmas wit a text at half past midnight, don't you just love your kids.

When I shut up shop last night there was not a breath of wind, by the time I was ready to get into bed it was gusting 35 MPH.

This morning was fine but overcast, we made a move just before 10-30 just up to the basin to wind and dump the rubbish. While we were doing this we bumped into an old friend Ray and his little dog Bones. He is moored in the Basin for a couple of weeks before moving off down stream again. We use to moor at Floods Ferry together on the Middle Level and our paths cross every now and then.

I slid nicely backwards out of the mooring slot, turned through 90° and the wind picked up full sideways on in the direction I wanted the bows to do, so a bit more power was required to get round. While we were doing this a Canal Time boat had winded in the basin entrance and was also heading down stream so that ensured the narrows were clear for us to pass through.

Just over an hour later we were back on last nights mooring spot, but facing the other way. We hadn't been moored up long and it started to rain, still we are not moving again until tomorrow even if it does mean sitting here with the engine running to charge the batteries.

Today's Journeymap 09 2¼ miles in just under 1½ hours with no locks.

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