Saturday, 9 May 2015

Saturday 9 May 2015 above Hassel Green

This morning it was again rain at first with clear spells, Diana nipped to Tesco's but as she returned it was rain again although looking brighter, also the pressure was rising so we decided to hang on until the sun came out, finally pushing off at 10-30. Needles to say as soon as I was in the middle of the canal and Diana walking to the lock it started raining again.

I saw this small garden and seat beside the towpath but unfortunately I was unable to see why it was there. I think it was just before Red Bull Lock.DSCF8806

We had some good luck with the locks, the first had leaked a bit and when you saw the state of the bottom gate it wasn’t surprising, but after that we met a couple of boats and had a pretty good run with at least one of the tandem locks full most of the time.

At Church Bottom Lock I found that as you wound up the bottom paddle the lock beam went down to meet it before bouncing back again so I have emailed CTR. It wont be long before the joint on the heal fails at this rate. It is a paired lock, but its mate has been out of use for some time due to lack of repairs. As these locks are in tandem where there is an accommodation bridge at the tail it has two arches.DSCF8807 

We had Mow Cop in view all day other than the short time it was behind trees. I wonder how many thousand other people have taken this picture. I would have taken one when we were closer but it was raining to much.DSCF8808

Our plan was to stop at Hassall Green for the night, but as we worked down Pierpoint Lock we could hear the motorway so decided to pull over just before the next bridge so we have bit of a barrier between us and it.

Once moored, its quite a while since I have put a mooring stake in, we tend to go for hooks if possible we took a walk down to Hassall Green. The old Post office/restaurant is up for sale, we stayed here when they did B&B many years ago. They still have a post-box in the wall and it looks as if it is still used. Then we walked round to the Romping Donkey pub, looking very sorry for its self and also for sale. DSCN0925We wont be heading there tonight for a pint.

Since we have been moored up several boats have gone by and also it has not rained at all. The forecast says tomorrow should be the best day of the week.

Today’s Journeymap7  4½ Miles 15 locks in just over 3¼ hours.

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nb Chuffed said...

We passed the little garden a couple of weeks ago. It looks like a memorial of some sort but I didn't feel I could investigate as there was a chap sitting on the bench at the time.