Monday, 18 May 2015

Winsford Town Moorings Monday 18 May 2015

Last night it rained for about 12 hours and my rain gauge indicated we had nearly 10 mm fall. As we had no where important to go today I waited until the rain stopped before setting off at 12-20 I should have waited another half an hour as is soon started again.

Just after leaving I saw but of an unusual sight, 6 herons on the towpath, I have tried to photograph them but its not come out to well. There were even more flying around so I suspect there is a Heronry in the trees opposite.DSCF9098

New Bridge is a very low swing bridge and each side of it there is a floating pontoon where you can wait for the bridge to swing.  These pontoons are effectively islands as they are piled into the DSCN1062river and not connected to the land. I was therefore a bit surprised to see a canoe portage sign on each one, I am not sure where you would portage your canoe to.DSCF9100 Part of the Union Salt mine that has been worked out is now used by a company called Deepstore to store archives and other important material.DSCF9101 The Guardian did an article about them HERE It is the UK’s largest PD5454 compliant storage and records management facility, with over 1.8 million square metres of available space deep in the salt mine.

We carried on to the Town Moorings at Winsford passing The Red Lion moorings on the way, I looks as if someone has decided that their welcome garden looked too good and have remover the letter N and damaged the L. This is what it looked like 5 days ago.DSCF8927

Once onto Winsford Flash we turned sharp left to the Town Moorings that run parallel to the river. DSCF9113

There to meet us was a family of geese, I couldn’t convince them I was not trying to round them up as I did the U turn into the moorings.DSCF9110  

I am not sure what size boats they were expecting to come this far up the Weaver but the mooring rings are big enough to moor a DSCF9112coaster to. There is also a  water point here of BW design even though we are no longer on CRT waters. I will see if a CRT key fits it later. Needless to say that since we have been here there has been no rain.

Today’s Journeymap 16 2¾ miles in 1 hour. However did I write so much drivel about an hours cruise?



Baz said...

It's not drivel, Brian, it's pure entertainment. We are off tomorrow on a continental camper-van bash but I have acquired a mifi device just so I can keep up with the blog. Well, and a few other odds and ends. Enjoy yourselves.

Halfie said...

If you want drivel, come to my blog.