Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Anderton Wednesday 22 August 2018

This is the result of yesterday afternoon weed hatch examination.DSCF0287In the evening we all went for an Italian Meal at Barchetta's to round the trip off.

This morning we were on the move at quarter to nine, a short time before a boat moored a short way behind us, but it was obvious he was travelling faster than us so we pulled over to let him pass, we still had to wait for him at the Middlewich Locks.

The old ice breaker Shackleton is looking very poorly and is probably on the bottom.DSCF0289We carried on to Middlewich having only met a few boats and most of them were in bridge holes. I don't remember the salt mountain being this large in the past when we passed but them maybe it was obscured by something.DSCF0290

There were boats coming up the Middlewich locks and we only had to turn the bottom one, there was just one lone Volockie on the middle lock.

While waiting for the top lock to fill with a boat coming up I took the opportunity to have a closer look at the stepped seat, I must say I quite like it.DSCF0294

With only 4 boats legitimately moored in Middlewich 2 hire boats still found it necessary to moor on the water point and the lock moorings at big lock and leave their boats. We had to turn big lock and by the time we were going we had a hire boat join us so not that much water wasted.

As we passed the new Oakwood Marina we could see there are yet more boats in residence, the ground work is coming on well with tables and chairs set out on the patio.DSCF0295

After having 3 onboard for three weeks we were in need of having the toilet holding tank emptied so we decided to carry on to Anderton and get a pump out at Anderton Marina, not only are they cheaper than the CRT diy ones but I can be sure it will work and a man does it for me.

We moored for the night opposite Anderton Marina, this means we have a 2 hour run in the morning to put a bit back into the batteries before we leave the boat once more. As luck would have it we just moored up before the rain started.

Today's Journeymap 23 16 miles, 9 locks in 8 hours

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