Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Tipton Wednesday 15 August 2018

It was quite noisy until about midnight last night but after that all was fine. 9AM. this morning we reversed out from the mooring across the junction and down to the water point at Cambrian Wharf, I figured it would be easier than turning round twice. Once the water tank was full we were off up the new main line. We passed one toll island that now looks like a SSI with all the read growth.DSCF0172

At Smethwick junction we went to the right up to the Old Main Line. The vandals have virtually destroyed the replica lock house at the top of Smethwick locks.DSCF0175

There is even more scaffolding under the M5 motorway now than last time we were this way, there must be tons of it.DSCF0181

Once beyond the motorway the lily growth is quite substantial with a channel down the centre, it was here that we met the ex working boat Atlas with a young lady steering, I guess it was a Duke of Edinburgh award camp. DSCF0187

We stopped for a bit of lunch on the floating pontoon on the offside just before Whimsey Bridge, it use to be connected to the garden and aquatic centre but they closed down a few years back and the bridge section has been removed now, so its just an isolated pontoon.
We carried on to Tipton mooring outside The Fountain, it required a bit of effort to actually get the boat close to the bank with the weed growth.

We only had 2 trips down the weed hatch, one to remove a kids jacket and the second when I couldn't move at all, just stir the water up, opening the weed hatch there was nothing, it must have dropped off when I stopped.

Today's Journeymap 16 9¼ Miles 3 Locks in 4½ Hours

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