Saturday, 4 August 2018

Broken Cross Saturday 4 August 2018

Well today, if you don't mind me using the phrase has been a right cock up.

We set off from Whatcroft Flash at 9 15 am. this was some hours after the geese had arrived and woken us up. I winded on the flash putting the bows out into the flash, as I completed the turn we were riding up on the mud, probably 30 yards from the tow path bank.
We returned to our marina and drove down by car to The Fox and Anchor at Coven to meet up and bring back my eldest grandson for the week. We were there in good time after being given the run around by the M6 diversion signs so had a coffee on the patio, a little after 12 I sent a text saying where we were only to find out that the day had been changed to Sunday, but I had not received the email, so back up the M6 to the boat.

After we had cooled down and accepted it was a lost communication we set off towards Anderton with a view to trying The Broken Cross pub tonight, which is now under new management, I put the bows in under the bridge and Diana nipped in to book a table, we then carried on north. It wasn't until we got to bridge 191 that I realised there were no more winding holes before Anderton, so a bit of backwards to the one we had passed and back to moor outside the Broken Cross for the night.

We arrived at 4 45pm and there are a couple of very young lads with their dad fishing and since we have been here they have been hauling them out wholesale.

Tomorrow we will repeat the plan.

Today's Journey map 055¼ miles in 2½ hours

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