Friday, 3 August 2018

Whatcroft Flash Friday 3 August 2018

Another late start, we not far to go today. A clean run through Barnton tunnel, its a little tricky as you can't see to the far end until your bows are in, I have reversed out more than once when I have spotted someone in the twisty bit. I had to buy a new to me, camera last week so thought I would try the flash.DSCF0035

We stopped at Anderton Boats for a pumpout, they had 2 hire boats from their Rodley base on the service pontoon and their day hire boat, plus it was change over day, so it wasn't looking good. I did call in the other day to enquire if I would be OK on a Friday. Anyway a bit of shuffling with Harnser's bow between the sterns of the hire boats got us forward enough for the pipe to reach and the tank was empty in minutes. We then carried on back to our marina passing this chap on the way.DSCF0036

All the boats that have spent several weeks moored to the north of The Salt barge have gone, so loads of room to mooring now.

Once in the marina it was a trip to Tesco at Northwich to stock up for grandson's visit tomorrow for a week. It will be a bit limited cruising for him with the canal closures and lock restrictions.
With the car unloaded and transferred to the boat we were out again for the night to Whatcroft Flash. We had not been here long when a rainbow appeared over the hedge.DSCF0040

Today's Journey map 047½ miles in 4 hours

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