Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Sandbatch Tuesday 7 August 2018

Away just before 9 this morning, shortly after the hire boat who arrived last night had gone. It was interesting last night as I helped them moor, firstly the hire company stressed they must use 3 mooring ropes at all times, secondly there were no instructions how to stop the engine, another hirer tried to help and then asked me. What looked like 3 indicator lights in a row above the start switch, the middle one was actually a button as well, no label.

A clean run through Barnton Tunnel and a short stop at Anderton services to top up with water, then on to the Lion Salt works museum for a nosie round before continuing to Middlewich. Passing Bramble Cutting I spotted this notice on the tree so be warned if you fancy stopping between the 10 and 12 of August.DSCF0076

We shared with the hire boat who was moored behind us last night at Big Lock, but they only went to the winding hole before heading back to the Bridgewater. CRT have attached notices to all the lock beams about the flight being locked up between 6pm and 8 am every night to help with water levels. The levels between Big Lock and Rumps lock weren't to bad, we got through without getting stuck anywhere which was an improvement on last time. At the top of the three locks there are some new seats which look quite smart, I remember seeing a planning request pinned up there last November and have a feeling they were in remembrance of someone.DSCF0080

Once above Kings lock the boat we had followed up the lock pulled over and moored, after that we met 3 boats, so apart from leakage all locks were with us. Also once above Rumps Lock all locks were just on weir, but only just until Booth Lane top lock which was running nicely, so why is it not getting to Middlewich?

We moored for the night just south of the railway at Sandbatch and had another BBQ.

Today's Journey map 0816 Miles 9 Locks in 7¾ hours

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