Saturday, 18 August 2018

Tixall Saturday 18 August 2018

I thought I would show you haw we have been passing our evenings, a canal game.DSCF0223

This morning it was off at 10 Am on an overcast day when we got to Longford Lock Diana and George spotted something behind the hedge, it turned out to be a goat farm. Not the most common of things.DSCF0228

Lady Hatherton is looking very smart in her shed at Teddesley what little I could see of her.DSCF0233DSCF0235

Teddesley boats is now the home of Bourne Boat Building and looked quite busy.DSCF0237

Just below Deptmore Lock there is a good flow of water leaving the canal into an adjacent ditch, an email is on the way to CRT.DSCF0242

Last time we were this way they had carried out some very heavy pruning to the trees in front of the mobile home park, it looks as if they may have over done things wit a couple of the trees at least.DSCF0245Down at Tixall Lock there is a notice on the lock beam warning of Leafcutter Bees that are living in the beam. pity they didn't mend the paddle when the put the notices up.DSCF0247

I guessed that Tixall Wide would be packed at 5 30 on an August Saturday evening so we moored about mid way between the wide and the lock finishing the week with a BBQ

Today's Journeymap 19 9¼ miles, 6 Locks in 5¼ hours

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