Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Honey Street Wednesday 21 May 2014

Last night we ate at The Waterside Pewsey. Its a strange place with the restaurant/ bistro downstairs and the pub/bar upstairs, the two connected by an outside stair case. You can eat in ether the bar or the restaurant, we decided to go for the bar which has a lot more atmosphere to it. Good job it was fine as the waitress had to bring our food up the outside steps. The pub is a free house and they had some nice beers on, some on the pump and some straight from the keg. Anyway, both the food and the beer was first class.

This morning I woke early 5-30 and it was thick fog, by the time we were about and ready for the off at 10 am it was bright sunshine, Two CaRT work boats loaded with bags of stone came by before we set off, which was just as well as we wanted to stop at the water point where they had been moored. We could have got in if they had still been there but we would have had to wait for a boat already there to leave. The canal was very quiet, one of the highlights was meeting 8 youngsters in 4 canoes, DSCF5657I would imagine they were heading for the school at Pewsey.As you can see one of them found it easer paddling sitting on top of his watertight plastic storage drum than the seat provided.

We decided to take a walk up Woodborough Hill and managed to get the bow of the boat within jumping distance of the bank.DSCF5659 If it wasn’t for the helicopters it would be a very peaceful spot.

Woodborough Hill is quite famous for their crop circles and you can see some of them in this video, I have my own ideas how they are cause.

Just to prove I did go up there here is a photo of me about toDSCF5226 start down again. The hill is some 671 feet high and one of the highest points in Wiltshire. We stopped here for lunch and then moved on to moor outside The Barge at Honey Street for the night, but tonight we are eating onboard.


I am sorry to say I have been unable to transfer the map so you will just have to look on the Google map to the right of this page.

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