Friday, 13 September 2013

Blue Lias Fri 13 September 2013

It was somewhat wet today and as a boat came by heading for the locks we set off behind them. As we passed the Stockton marina there was just room to get a Narrowboat through with all Kate hire boats having just returned home.

At Stockton Locks they were against us with a boat going down ahead, we had to wait awhile as there was a boat coming up about three locks down and the volunteer lock keeper had left the gates open ready for them. This happened again a bit further down the flight and we had to turn the last two lock with the help of the keeper.

Once clear of the flight we winded in the Keys Arm and came back to hang on the end of the Blue Lias moorings with just the front deck against the hard edge,

As the day progressed more boats arrived and were slotted into various holes including move one from bank side to the next row three boats out and an arriving boat with two dogs in. There are now boat the entire length of the Blue Lias frontage mostly three deep but only a single near the bridge.

We will be here until Monday morning when normal blogs will resume once more.

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