Thursday, 24 May 2018

Bingley Thursday 24 May 2018

Another fine day saw us depart at our normal time. we actually met about 6 boats today. I have always know bridges where the towpath changes sides as turn over bridges, this one is "Change Line Bridge"DSCN2756

There was no lock keeper at Dowley gap today so we were on ourDSCN2757own, she was working on the 5 Rise at Bingley. Just before the 3 rise we passed a moored wide beamed boat, more of that later.

We arrived at the bottom of the 3 rise and rang the lock keeper, he asked if I was the blue wide beam. For some reason you are not allowed to use the 3 locks without a look keeper and he had to walk down from the 5 to us. By the time he arrived the blue wide beam was behind us. As we were going up it was interesting to seeDSCN2760 the pigeons using the intermediate gates, as we left the 3 the lock keeper informed us that there was a boat coming down and we may need to wait.

I arrived at the bottom of the 5 just after the boat had left but was stopped from entering the empty chamber by the Volockies, I had to wait for the OK from the lock keeper before entering so I had to sit in the mouth until she turned up.DSCN2762

We slowly made our way to the top, by the time we were one chamber from the top the crew of the wide beam arrived and asked if it was OK to enter the bottom chamber, answer, NO, they had to wait until I was clear of the lock and the lock keeper could come down. This means that only one boat can do the 5 locks at a time, just think if Foxton worked like that?

When we came out of the top chamber there was Connie, Jane and Dave with a picnic so after filling with water at the services we moved across and moored on the tow path side and joined them. As we were going for dinner with them later that left what to do for the afternoon, answer go for a cruise. So we all set off up the canalDSCN2763

through 5 swing bridges to Riddlesden where we winded and came back through 4 swing bridges passing a terrapin on the way, heDSCF1241 was sat on a log the first time we passed but fell off with the wash, so on our return was sat in some floating reeds, winded again and reversed back through the last bridge and back to where we were moored for lunch at the top of the locks. It was then off down to The Brown Cow for dinner, they had 6 Timothy Taylor beers on and as they offered any three tasters for £3-30 I was able to try them all.

After a pleasant evening and meal we bid them farewell and walked back to the boat.

Today's Journey map 368½ 11 locks in 6¾ hours

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Nick said...

A far cry from the time we turned up at the 5-rise and Barry said "you know what you're doing - get on with it".