Monday, 21 May 2018

Leeds (river) Monday 21 May 2018

Only a short trip today, we had a day out with a friend so didn't set off until nearly half four. Back out from the pontoon and then down to River Lock to drop onto the River Aire. The river comes in from the left just below the lock, it actually flows through some tunnels that run all the way under the railway station popping out under this building.DSCF1187

There are two free water taxis that run from just below the lock to Clarence Dock so the maximum wait you would have for one is 15 minutes.DSCN2731

As you go down the river you pass under two impressive bridges,

 DSCN2729  DSCN2733
Leeds Bridge and Crown Point Bridge before bearing right into theDSCN2735 lock Cut, ahead is Leeds Lock but to the right is the entrance to Clarence Dock where we hoped to more for the night,DSCN2736 no chance, all the 48 hr visitor moorings were taken, so it was about turn and back onto the river, turn right again and we were just in time to go into the lock with Steve who we had spent the past 4 or 5 days with.DSCF1192

This lock is fully automated with two control boxes, one for the top gates and paddles and one for the lower. Just insert your BWB key and press the buttons, unfortunately the indicator lights on the panels have long gone but its easy to see what's happening. About 200 yards below the lock there is a length of floating mooring where you can moor for 7 days, it has several water taps as well as refuse and recycling disposal, so here we are for the night.

Today's Journeymap 32 1¼ miles, 2 locks in 1 hour

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