Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Blackburn Wednesday 30 May 2018

Well not a great deal to report today, the weather stayed fine until 10 minutes after we moored up so that can't be bad. The Asbo Swan of Hapton paid us a visit rattling the side hatch window and bashing the hull, when we set off he came down and had a quick peck at my toe, but not as bad as the Western one.DSCF1336

A few swing bridges to give us something to do and I am not sure where this chap came from but he just appeared in the slide, he wasn't very big, maybe 15 mm long including his legs, but look at the colour. DSCF1340

I thought the little cruiser would have left the floating dry dock by now, it looks as if he is doing an internal fit out carting sheets of ply wood about.DSCF1346

There are signs to the Moorfield Colliery Memorial on bridges 114B and 114C but we were not sure where it was so didn't stop. It turns out it probably less than 100 mt from Pilkington bridge 114C.DSCF1347

We passed Canal View cafe and what better view of the canal can you get than from these chairs right on the towpath.DSCN2802

The other highlight of the trip was 4 visits to the weed hatch, That is more than all the way to Liverpool and then on to Leeds and it was not in Burnley or Blackburn but in Rishton, all polly so no problem getting it off, just needed a lot of care stopping and pulling away.

As we came into Blackburn to moor once more outside The Calypso Bar we passed this loading quay on the offside, as you can see the platform extends out beyond the wall so goods could be tipped straight into the hold of waiting boats.DSCF1363

The other day I asked if anyone knew what these were for, I hadDSCF1069several good suggestions but nothing positive, they are all at the end of moorings and are bolted to the stone work in several places,DSCF1351 so look very robust if they are just to stop a fisherman in a wheelchair.DSCF1353

Today's Journey map 4211¾ miles in 4½ hours.

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